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  • differences from shareware version

    I played this version of the release just now, right after playing the original DOS shareware version and it seems a bit easier on medium difficulty. I actually stand a chance of winning the $3000 races at the very beginning, whereas they would beat my pants off in the SW version. Winning the $750 race was hard enough. Is there a difference? The fast cars seem slower.

    I remember playing the original shareware version of this game for DOS. When I tried the full version, I remember noticing that the tracks had different music than their SW counterparts. Are all the music files included from the SW in the full release?

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    Re: differences from shareware version

    We haven't done an extensive comparison between the versions, but none of the difficulty parameters, car speeds etc were touched for the Win version. Naturally it's possible that some update speeds subtly affect it, but I find the normal in the Win version pretty challenging. Maybe you're just gotten better

    IIRC the SW version doesn't include all the music files to make the download smaller. Yes, ~10MB was big in 1996.