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Death Rally iOS Update #1

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  • iOS Death Rally iOS Update #1

    Hey all,

    This post will be updated with the latest info on what we are planning for the first update. Any comments are welcome, we will consider them to future updates.

    New stuff: (more details later)
    - New car
    - New weapon
    - New challenge

    - Metal shader effect for cars in garage
    - Player tag more prominently visible at the start of the race.

    Bug fixes:
    - Fame is now correctly updated in Game Center
    - Achievements: Grim Reaper is now possible to unlock
    - No longer crashing when drawing missile trails in certain cases
    - Resolved iPad 2 collision problems
    - Comic voice-over now abides to the voice volume setting
    - Restarting career no longer selects a locked car
    - Career playthrough counting bugs fixed
    - Nitro is no longer depleted when stopping the car

    This is not an all inclusive list for the first update yet, we are still working on it based on your feedback. But we are aiming to get the first update out quite quickly, so we won't get every good idea in there yet.

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    Re: Death Rally iOS Update #1

    Great, I'm waiting.

    Wow, Fame is now correctly updated in Game Center.

    Thank you very much!


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      Re: Death Rally iOS Update #1

      WE NEED MORE! more cars, more tracks, weapons, bosses. You guys made a great game that i cant stop playing. But it could use a little more. Build upon the stat building. Custom paint jobs or skins for higher levels of fame. Keep me wanting to build my stats. The game already feels pretty rewarding as it is. give me a reason to keep playing after ive maxed everything out! I feel like the experience is moving too fast. I want a reason to keep coming back


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        Re: Death Rally iOS Update #1

        Coderedfilm: yes! Of course, we're doing all of that, but it takes some time!

        There's also the option of starting from zero and going through the loop again (reset career) but just be warned, it does reset your fame too.