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1.1 update causing crashes

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  • iPad 1.1 update causing crashes

    Anyone having the following problem?

    After the 1.1 update the program constantly crashes at the screen where you upgrade your weapons. This is VERY annoying - when you open the program back up, the progress for the race you just did was lost. Please fix asap - game will go to 5 stars once fixed.

    Yes I have rebooted and tried reinstalling from scratch; even and re-downloaded via iTunes - crash still persists on iPad. Its ALWAYS at the weapon update screen, nowhere else.
    Also - I have 2 gigs space left on the device and nothing running in the background. iPad 1 with the latest update.

    Other issues I'd like to see addressed -
    Please add the ability to relocate the controls for the vehicles... not all of us like holding the ipad in the specific spot. Along with this it would be nice to see the ability to flip the the controls (ie right hand drive instead of left hand).

    Multi player would be a nice addon - but a BIG update I know :-)
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    Re: 1.1 update causing crashes

    We are looking into the stability issues. Will be fixed asap.


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      Re: 1.1 update causing crashes

      Flip the controls is in update 1.2.

      have you tried killing background apps and generally freeing memory before launching DR? Typically "crashes" are situations where the system runs out of memory and terminates the running app.