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And after the prologue?

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  • And after the prologue?

    Hi remedy guys!

    First off, as if i didn't mention this already, i'm loving your game. I've played countless hours of the old death rally, and i have to say this new one gives me the same feelings as the old one (sure would be nice if it had the leaderboard with duke and sam speed and all that, but it's not super important).

    I was curious about the prologue part. I've completed 126% of the game, beat the adversary several times and even killed him once (or twice, i forget). Is there supposed to be another comic styled cutscene or something? Don't i even get a congratulation from the head of the police department?

    In short: is this part still under development, does it finish there, or is it glitched on my device?

    Thanks again for a wonderful game!

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    Re: And after the prologue?

    There's gonna be more cars, weapons or race modes with next update. So, theres nothing like "end" now. There will be more and more. At least I hope so


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      Re: And after the prologue?

      Yeah, we will provide more updates and a 2nd part of the comic is also planned.