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Love the game but have a few questions...

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  • iPhone Love the game but have a few questions...

    I love the game. I used to play the original as well so I was excited when I saw it listed in the iTunes store.
    I do have a few questions and issues with it though.

    First off: under stats there is a line saying "number of careers played to full progression." Mine reads 0 at the moment and I was wondering why. I have killed everyone and run all the maps in all modes (marathon only on two though). Does this number only increase after restarting a career at 126% or am I missing something like bring part of the 42?

    Player car speed: during some races it seems as if my car cant travel at maximum velocity. It appears to slow down even though I aint hit by weapons fire or ramming walls causing me to fall behind. Even the sound seems to reflect the change in speed. Is this a bug or something to do with controls? My thump is in the ring and the stick is pulled as far as it does.

    Bosses and balance: I have a really hard time keeping up with and killing the bosses. If I do not kill them within the first half of the first round of the map catching up to them is impossible eventhough I am driving a "golden" delibirator* (spelling, sorry) and they are in a vagabond. I noticed during a marathon the bosses that the bosses definitely has a "catch up" speed bonus as I had a wrath constantly bumping my bumper and I drove perfectly. Is this for balance only?
    In my humble personal opinion the vehicles the npcs abilities should reflect the vehicles they drive.

    Other than that GREAT game!!! Please gimme more of Everything! Maps,weapons,vehicles!

    Sorry for the long post