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Longer races.

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  • iPad Longer races.

    Hi there..

    Am i the only one that misses a few more longer races?
    I'm not demanding more 42-rounds marathon, but maybe a few more 5-laps, and maybe some mini marathons at like 10-laps.

    And btw, many thanks for an awesome game!
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    Re: Longer races.

    Thanks! We kept the races at even 3 laps due to there being race time records (and rewards) for all tracks. Mini-marathons could work as new challenges.


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      Re: Longer races.

      I dislike the 40+ lappers because this is a racing game. I want to see what the track has to offer in my rearview mirror. If the track sizes were 10 times the size then it might not be so repetitive. I think 10 is a good upper limit.

      What motivates me to put my cash on the barrel head is new locations, new cars, and new perks. I'd gladly welcome some inner city tracks, something with a beach or sand sprint, an aircraft carrier, or even something with traffic going the wrong way.

      How come there are no taser jaws for bumpers or oil slick tailpipes? The flags for traction control on the road is already there. The drifting on the ice level is a awesome touch. I'd love to Tokyo drift or speed race down a giant mountain.

      Keep it coming! I can't wait for more!
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        Re: Longer races.

        Aircraft Carrier - CHECK
        Ron Fellow type Stripes - CHECK
        Multiplayer - CHECK (when it works)
        Tazer Bumper - Flamethrower is almost there
        Beach and better Desert Tracks - still waiting
        Ground Effects and Body Kits - I predict it boosting multiplayer

        Keep it coming please.

        Let me match up with people on a rivals list so I can direct connect with friends. Let bots fill empty slots in multiplayer so I cam continue making progress even when I'm not on WiFi. Yell everyone to upgrade to iOS 5 so we connect better. Let me grief the track with oil slick graffiti I spray on the ground as I go around. Do a bungie type icon builder so I can customize.
        FarCry2 Maps: Reloaded, Serpent Alley, Oil Aresnic, Iron Rebellion, Powder Keg


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          Re: Longer races.

          I always wished I could 'tap' the drops on the track while I am racing so that I did't have to change my course and drive into them with my car. Maybe there could be a magnetic ability for the car that would pull powerups and other cars toward me while I'm driving.

          OR a trigger to reverse the polarity so that I could push cars and powerups away. Imagine if you could push a powerup out of the way of a foe so they missed it.

          OR even push them into walls as you drive by.

          Maybe a force field is too hard? Make them retractable blades that swing out of the sides which can also collect items or cause damage to cars from the side.

          This would be a cool ability if electric barbed wire walls surrounded the track to prevent cars from touching the walls. Then the race isn't only forward, it is also sideways.

          There are lots of oppertunities to make compulsive buys if powerups were added. Force fields, heatsinks strafes (which misdirect missiles) and other ariel dogfighting type defensive abilities could add another layer to competitive multiplayer.

          If there was a currency I earn from winning races that I can use to equip special defensive power ups I would have alot more fun. Give me an option before multiplayer races to choose powerups or buy the currencies for the powerups.
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            Re: Longer races.

            Thanks for the suggestions, [MENTION=12721]neokinesis[/MENTION]. I've forwarded them to our dev team