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Death Rally v1.7 Update available!

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  • iOS Death Rally v1.7 Update available!

    Hey all!

    The update you all were waiting for is now propagating throughout the app stores and should be available for you within the next few hours! What's in this new update, you may ask? Well how about the opportunity to now kick a** against your friends in the all new Multiplayer!? Full details on the update below!

    Click here to get Death Rally direct from the iOS Appstore!
    Appstore Direct Link

    DEATH RALLY UPDATE 7: GET READY TO ROAST YOUR ENEMIES WITH THE ALL-NEW FLAMETHROWER! The wait is over - experience the explosive, one and only, adrenaline-filled DEATH RALLY MULTIPLAYER! Try our first multiplayer update today! Keep living the Death Rally!

    [SIZE="4"]Version 1.7 Features:[/SIZE]

    * FIRST MULTIPLAYER UPDATE: Race online against other Death Rally players from all around the world!
    * FANTASTIC NEW WEAPON: The Flamethrower is now included in the 1st Reward Booster pack!
    * NEW CAR PAINT JOB: The Retro Fighter for Shrieker.
    * New achievements.
    * Enhanced anti-aliasing for iPad 2.

    * Up to 4 person multiplayer mayhem!
    * 1 car (Shrieker), offering multiple paint schemes, separate level advancement than single player for upgrades * 2 upgraded weapons to choose from (shotgun and gatling)
    * 6 maps available to race on (including Eureka which is a paid extra map in single player)

    Follow us on for more information!

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    Re: Death Rally v1.7 Update available!

    Still lots of room for improvement but generally speaking multiplayer for the win.
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      Re: Death Rally v1.7 Update available!

      Thanks! We wanted to start with a limited set of cars and work a bit longer with the balancing of cars & guns as well as matchmaking before enabling them all.