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Some things I'd like to know.

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  • iOS Some things I'd like to know.

    It's very hard finding ANY information as to what specific visuals represent in the game, therefor I figured I'd make a topic here.

    For instance I've seen players with cracked grey shields over their heads, what does this mean? At first I thought it where disconnects however then the game puts (AI) after their names and they don't have that.
    And what are players with blue shields over their heads? And what does the regular yellow represent? The crown over someones head?
    How do I know what color my shield is? Or if I have a crown?

    What are the statistics on weapons and how much does 1 upgrade increase these statistics?

    And on a side note I really think it's immensely lame to pit people who bought a 4x4 and a rocket launcher against people in vagabonds. Or that you can leave if you are at 2% hp to make sure you don't get deaths in your stats.

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    Re: Some things I'd like to know.

    same as BHTrix I have difficulties to find out some info on the stuff inside the game. Like what does Killed opponents mean at multi-player game and how it's different from Destroyed cars?