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  • Suggestions for multiplayer

    Hi. Like a few others here I've been playing Death Rally on the PC, and then started playing the iOS port. Great job on the game.

    Lately I am playing multiplayer games, and I have some suggestions to improve the gameplay:
    • Show the race positions filling up on the main screen so that I can pick a race that I know will have enough players. The original DR showed the racers for each track.
    • The rockets and striker should not be IAP, they are making the game unbalanced, especially with infinite ammo.
    • Picking up weapons/cars should be emphasized against in app purchases. Make the players work, don't condone the easy way.
    • Make the leaderboards useful! I'm a pretty good player and I've been playing and winning lots of races, yet I am nowhere near the tops, because the top is filled by players with impossible scores like MAX_INT. Why aren't the obvious cheaters disqualified?
    • Why do weapons do different damage for players vs AI cars? I can shoot a rocket at an AI car and cut 30% off its health, but when I shoot another player I can barely notice the change.

    That's it for now, I'll try to think of more things as I play. Cheers!

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    Re: Suggestions for multiplayer

    One more thing - I have seen people play the BigFoot with full modifiers and rockets - this should be banned. My last race had two of those and I still beat them, but it's very annoying to play against such players that pay for everything!


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      Re: Suggestions for multiplayer

      I also would like to suggest;
      1 - Show whos own the race & lap record for each race course.
      2 - Get rid 1 sec lap record at eureka track. How's that possible?
      3 - Get rid all those 0:00:00 race record in Game Center
      4 - Make more race type. I.e. Wraith only, no modifiers only, newbie only, no weapon, etc
      5 - Save race replay function. Helpful to show who's cheating. If any.
      6 - Banned player or penalty to those whos leaving a race
      7 - Although his leaving a race, make sure his activated modifiers are gone and if his remote car destroyed, make sure its recorded in his death counter.


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        Re: Suggestions for multiplayer

        Is it just me or is the multiplayer with random players completely broken? First of all, I don't know which race to join, because I have no idea which ones have players and which don't. I guess we're supposed to hit the "now playing" button, right? But that's empty most of the time too. And whenever there's 2 players, the other guy starts the game pretty much immediately so we never get full races.

        In other words, the game definitely needs some kind of lobby system. Not just clicking random buttons and hoping someone's there.


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          Re: Suggestions for multiplayer

          Being a game with cars and guns, a "destruction derby" mode would be fun. A circular stage with lots of amo spread and... Fight!