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Questuin: is there a possibility the new and improved death really...

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  • iPod Touch Questuin: is there a possibility the new and improved death really...

    Is there a posibility death really with all graphical finetunes (compared to the original) as we find now on ios and even android might find their way to say xbox arcade or something? For those of us who don't have a phone capable to play this awesome game with upgraded visuals and new featuers, I'm quite sure that formula would work quite well, and Xbox live does give you the oppurtunity to buy extra cars and such by dlc.

    A lot of us really want to play this game, so my official question is, is remedy conciddering making-of death really available (with upgraded grafics like we see in the ipad or high-end andrioid devies. I goth
    myself a new samsung gio about half a month ago for €150, only to found out it's an incredible reliable machine... but not powerfull enough to play death really. then I heard of a new soney experia S with a retail price of €199 (not so much mor then what I have bought, I should have waited gothdamnit)

    So, is there chance for a full pc release for death realy the way the ios and android got it, uptimised with way more beautiful graphics, or an xbox live acrade release with just death really... many people would be playing it for sure, and xbox has makes use of dlc a lot, Sp the upportunity to get extra cars etc would always be there through buying them by dlc...

    I really wanted to buy an ipod touch (since I always wanted a good mp3, but never had one) that can play death really with all bells and whisles on like on the portable platform..but that would only have been to play death really, other then that I have a very realiable phone allready, just a shame i can't play death rally.
    So tell me rememdy, andy plans in that direction? Xbox live arcade would really be very much appreciated.


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