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I like the game but... *Rant Alert*

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  • PC 2012 I like the game but... *Rant Alert*

    I've put a solid 6 hours in to the new Death Rally and it's a fun game but I can't help but feel a bit letdown by it.

    - Difficulty is very weird. Since there is no "main difficulty" to choose from you just have the races that are labelled as different difficulties and sometimes the opponents are crazy fast even in beginner races, I won an extreme race with a golden deliverator and then took the same car and lost a beginner race and I did not **** up, the game just decided to make the "boss" unbelievably fast.

    - Upgrades have too small a difference. Especially handling and even the cars with lvl5 handling hardly handle at all in tight curves. It changes how the entire game works since in the original you could beat faster cars by acing the curves and the way cars work in this game you can't do that.

    - AI is too good. AI has the perfect lanes and if your car isn't faster your only hope is random drops from the crates and that takes all the skill out of the game.

    - UI is all over the place. I liked how in the original all your vital info was on one side of the screen, it was easy to glance and get your bearings. Now the info is scattered all over the screen, not intuitive at all.

    - Lack of stats. Sure the game tracks all sorts of personal stats but the in-game stats are weak. The single player scoreboard from the original gave all the enemies a more tangible feeling. Also the new variety of weapons requires some proper in-game stats for the weapons and what they do on which level.

    - I guess this goes back to the difficulty but I loved to take my beastly car to an easy game in the original and pass everybody by two laps, you can't do that in this, it's not arcady enough.

    - Personality isn't there. The Shadow Man shop and the drug drops to pick up and the "look out!" when your health was low, the new Shadow Man mechanic is boring as ****.

    Oh man, I just wrote up my introduction to the forum and said I've never been disappointed by a Remedy game. I can't say that anymore. I was really excited for this too. I played the original Death Rally on an MS-DOS computer, beat both Max Payne 1 & 2 numerous times and bought the Xbox bundled with Alan Wake solely because of that game since I'm a PC gamer and I've hardly touched my Xbox since, I played American Nightmare on it too.


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    Re: I like the game but... *Rant Alert*

    As with any movie director or author, not every title will be enjoyed equally. Thanks for the detailed feedback, I know that Remedy will find it useful.
    Remedy's currently known projects:
    Quantum Break - 2016


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      Re: I like the game but... *Rant Alert*

      I have the same amount of time into the game and agreed here about upgrades relating to speed and handling.

      I definitely agree it wouldn't hurt to beef up the game's personality. I did enjoy one match where I refused the loanshark/shadow man's offer to sabotage another vehicle and ended up with mine being sabotaged and blowing up right at the start. Took me a match to repair my vehicle all the way since no cash is saved, but it was one match so I was still amused that I was the one sabotaged and it's the most personality I've seen from this game's loanshark/shadow man.

      AI being too good? I disagree there. If you think they're in the perfect lane, copy them and set some mines to make them move or hit them. There are slight things that can happen early in a match and decide who takes first. It's not really an AI thing. I've played some multiplayer games against the same person who beat me by a big margin in a few matches and then had matches play out in a different way (Not talking nitros here) where I came out with the big lead.

      Once that lead has been taken though, there isn't much hope to close the gap through skillful driving. That is a problem. It may go back to this game not being as arcade like as the classic and the way speed and handling are... handled; not the AI. Do not dumb down the AI.


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        Re: I like the game but... *Rant Alert*

        I can't say I agree with all of your point, but I do with many of them. Below the comparison with the previous version:

        Strong points:
        -Graphics have improved tremendously (naturally), game looks great.
        -The leveling system for weapons and cars is a lot of fun, and a lot better than the old version.
        -It's nice to have a larger variety in weapons.
        -Tracks are as good as always.
        -Overall very fun to play

        Weaker points:
        -AI opponents don't really have an identity anymore. With the scoreboard in the original Death rally, you were really forced to pick your races and look for the right opponents. If you had a sentinel, you sure as hell wouldn't join in a race with a wraith or deliverator. In the new version, AI opponents are more or less the same and it doesn't really matter who you race against. You won't even notice who is who.
        -I agree with the others about speed, it really needs to differ more between cars, and has to be a lot higher at the high end cars.


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          Re: I like the game but... *Rant Alert*

          Full agree,

          Game need to have Classic mode


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            Re: I like the game but... *Rant Alert*


            My main problem is the matchmaking system it's a huge problem and I can't see any sign of a hotfix or an update. Multiplayer is basically unplayable you can't play with others, there is no ingame lobby and chat.
            I liked the first few hours of grinding then I realised there is no more content in this game. VERY small amount of maps which are also too short and easy, need more different power-ups, not enough upgrade for the cars like weapons, bumpers and other things.
            To say something positive I really liked the driving and the handling feels really good, there are also some difference between the cars.
            With much more content this could be a fine game. But it's really need updates, first of all a hotfix for the multiplayer!!!