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Adversary battle... assistance pls!

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  • PC 2012 Adversary battle... assistance pls!

    -6hrs to get max upgrades and 99% completion, ok cool. Games good so far, time to look for last 1%, notice have not "killed" adversary, only placed ahead of him.
    -4hrs later and still wondering if the sun and stars will allign corectly, and AMMO will spawn from these cardboard boxes.... buts always money... why the hell... do i want money. DROP AMMO the guy drives so fast its stupid anyways, more ammo!!

    Maybe ive missed something here and yous know something i dont, ive tried the whole shrieker thing, wait for him to lap stuff, get a nice mine trail on him and its all looking sweet but the ammo never comes; is this boss just a chance battle based on drops of ammo/nos not sucking??

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    Re: Adversary battle... assistance pls!

    beating him in 1on1 challenge is possible but extremaly hard. The Easy way around is to set game to Multiplayer, choose Your favourite map, get into it and click "Skip" - not to wait for other players to join. Then You will have Adversary reacting normaly to Your weapons, and also 4 another AIs to help You deal with him once and for good


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      Re: Adversary battle... assistance pls!

      The Battle is definetly too dependent on good drops (Luck), but i already mentioned it in another Thread.

      Yes it is very hard to destroy him, but its possible. I will give you some
      hints, based on my own experience.

      You should:

      -Take that Hot Rod car, since its the fastest, i guess..
      -Missiles lv9

      -avoid all of his mines and let him drive in yours, AND his own (Total:6)
      -Always stick to him so that your main gun can shoot him
      - If you drove into a barrel, that explodes and slowed you down, you just lost a significant amount of time: RESTART

      --> you need at least 2 AMMO drops, dont miss him! You should have shot all of your ammo in the first two laps, if you dont get any ammo replenish after that: RESTART
      --> you need at least 2 NITRO drops, since he is very fast and will just drive away, you should have the first drop in the second lap, if theres no drop, RESTART
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        Re: Adversary battle... assistance pls!

        Cheers, managed to down him in solo using hot rod and went into multi to find that his spawn rate his frequent and he is HEAPS easier than the solo lol. Cant believe its the same guy lol, thanks


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          Re: Adversary battle... assistance pls!

          The hot rod (interceptor) and deliverator both have 6 speed bars, and the deliverator has 1 more handling bar. So isn't the deliverator faster and superior in every way?


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            Re: Adversary battle... assistance pls!

            For me, the lesser handling on the interceptor actually works as an advantage, making it easier to control at fast speeds and around corners.
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              Re: Adversary battle... assistance pls!

              I've killed The Adversary many times with the Deliverator and Sniper. I made a help video that shows how to do it and some other tips.

              I follow him the whole time with my machine gun, hit him with 5 sniper rounds, and kill him without picking up any boxes.