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  • PC 2012 Lag or what?

    So, alright, I'm not a sore loser or anything. I'm, truth be told, a mediocre player online so far. But this kind of baffled me.
    I'm in an online race, and I'm right behind the other human player, who is in a bravestar while I'm riding an Interceptor, the track is Eureka. While I'm faster, I also am low on health so I make sure to stay behind him. Early third lap, I pick up a nitro, and right before the last corner I decide to break for it, pass him, get the inner corner and pull out ahead of him. There literally is half a car's length between me and him. So I'm the winner, right?
    The game tells me that, despite me having finished first, I'm 0.02 seconds BEHIND him. Wondered what caused this. Unfortunately I couldn't get a screenshot of the finish or anything cuz I never figured this'd happen. Could this have been lag at work?

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    Re: Lag or what?

    Yes, this is unfortunately a case of lag. It has happened to me in similar cases a couple of times when testing the game (and when playing it otherwise too

    One player's PC always acts as the server, and if it's not your PC, things like this can happen. The player whose PC is the server sees himself crossing the finishing line before you, and his PC (the server) then informs the other players' PCs that he won.