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Solution to customize gamepad controls

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  • PC 2012 Solution to customize gamepad controls

    If you're like me, you want to control Death Rally like RC ProAM or Rock-n-Roll Racing, where you hold one button to accelerate and use directional left or right for steering. Here's how to do it:

    1. Unplug your USB gamepad.

    2. Start Death Rally 2012.

    3. Plug in your USB gamepad.

    4. Ctrl-Esc back to Windows, and download this 38kB gamepad-to-keyboard mapping program: The program is extremely basic, which is good and means there's no overhead. Unzip it and run the .exe. It looks like nothing happens, but it's in your tray. Single-click the tray icon (don't double-click or that closes it). Here's how the main interface works: each column is a gamepad button, and each row is a keyboard key. Give each column a gray checkbox, for the corresponding key. I recommend unchecking "Use Typematic" since you don't need key repeating, and check "Portable mode" so that clicking OK puts the program into the tray.

    5. Go back to the game, and assign keyboard keys to the controls.