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Things I miss in the new Death Rally.

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  • PC 2012 Things I miss in the new Death Rally.

    Choosing a racer avatar. In the old Death Rally players were placed in a selection screen where they put their name, chose their racer portrait and their starter color. Unfortunately absent in the new game.

    Position boards. Virtual racers competing against one another regardless if you're present or not. If I played an easy race, medium and hard races would still go on without me and it was always fun looking at the position boards to see who rose up and who was brought down. I also thoroughly enjoyed putting my portrait as Nasty Nick and entered every race Sam Speed entered. From there I would destroy his car, purposefully get third place, and watch the other racers pass him in point score. I guess that's why Sam Speed always looked so pissed in his portrait and why Nasty Nick always had an evil grin.

    Dual/upgraded machine guns. In the old Death Rally, each car had it's own machine gun with higher tier cars getting dual mounted weaponry. I was hoping the same for the new Death Rally. I would have loved to see dual machine guns on the new Deliverator along with the armory weapons.

    Not enough mines! What happened? We used to get eight mines in the old Death Rally, now we only get three (five if you count the mine races). I want to lay mines everywhere!

    The old Sentinel. Watching the Sentinel get turned in a van is just a travesty. Do you know that the Sentinel was my favorite car. I owned the Hard races in the demo version with that car and made my virtual competitors weep tears of agony as I sowed bullets and carnage into their vehicles (at least that's what I imagined), I won the demo version in the Sentinel and now you've turned into a van.

    No career death. Got no money to repair your totaled car? Game over. This one? If you do try to end your career by starting a new game and get 100% wrecked without repairing, you magically end up repaired next race.
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