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  • PC 2012 Frustrated

    I read a couple of threads here and I agree with some and I want to express my frustration.
    The thing I hate the most is that there's no difference between cars. This is what brought me here: I racing with a full upgraded Deliverator (6 bars of speed), against a pair of Vagabonds, and Sentinels; with no turbo (no "flames") from AI, they can be on your tail like nothing happens, what's the deal?
    Seems AI didn't want me much in easier races so they sent another Deliverator, by that time I had a full upgraded car; so the other Deliverator is first, 2 Sentinels and more Vagabonds while I'm last, start the race and have to struggle to pass 4 clearly "inferior" cars for almost a lap, what gives? And even using 3 turbos, I couldn't catch the other Deliverator, his speed is just... idiotic faster than yours, what's the deal?
    Going "medium" race? There's no way to win; I had a duel against a Shrieker in medium race, the freaking car was faster than me and by half lap he was even out of reach of auto fire! And if THAT isn't even enough? Whenever you fire a missile at him, didn't slow him down like in easier difficulties, and you could see him have a barrel explode on him and he continued like nothing while if you are near the explosion get stuck for 3 seconds before going full speed again.
    There are the Velodrama kind of tracks that have 2 U turns one next to the other, you can see Bagabonds and inferior cars pass you there like you are tank and they are on F1 cars... Really dumb behavior, IMHO.
    So that's it, I got tired and bored of playing lower difficulty races, that now I can't even win since a Deliverator comes just to shove his idiotic speed at my face.
    The game is fun to play for a short time until you see that no matter what car you use, it will always be slower than AI. I do like the game, I gifted it to a friend and planned on give it to another 3 friends, but I will sit those one because I don't want them to get frustrated as me, and knowing them (we are all fans of the "old" version) they will be very upset.
    So I hope you can make a patch or something where some of these little details from the old game are back here so we can enjoy this great game.

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    Re: Frustrated

    Totally agree, on higher difficulties you can encounter bosses that are driving Shriekers and seem to have PERMANENT boost enabled, meaning that your fully tuned Deliverator or whatever have zero chance of catching up.
    And if that wasn't enough, their armor are to high heavens, one GOLDEN Level 9 missile only takes 1 dot off their health, meaning you expell the ammo on the track and in your inventory trying to kill ONE car.

    So some tweakage is definitly needed, in short, the Death Rally devs will just have to get cracking, they got so much work ahead of them on this that they should have started YESTERDAY!


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      Re: Frustrated


      I totally agree with you. The difficulty and realism of the cars were much better balanced in the older game. In this new one you get bored much early.
      I beat the adversary and the game lost many interest for me.