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Adversary Battle Bug

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  • PC 2012 Adversary Battle Bug

    my DR2012 was acquired via Steam.
    (not sure there's any other way to get it, but want to give full info.)

    every time I beat The Adversary
    the game halts on the Loading screen after the race.

    there is a popup error message hidden behind the game window;
    hitting ENTER or ALT-TABbing to the error message window and clicking OK
    terminates Death Rally.

    this popup says
    "Cannot find DBGHELP.DLL"

    I have that file both in the Death Rally directory and one with a different creation date in /windows/system32

    could you please, PLEASE fix this bug?

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    Re: Adversary Battle Bug

    As if it wasn't difficult enough to beat the Adversay... sorry to hear you're having troubles with it!

    Have you tried reinstalling the game and verifying your Steam cache?


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      Re: Adversary Battle Bug

      just tried that -- uninstall, reinstall, verify cache (for a second time, I think).

      it did not correct the issue.