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Can't do anything after launching...

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  • PC 2012 Can't do anything after launching...

    ... because all I see is this:

    If it doesn't support widescreen, fine (not nice though). But at least let me get to the point where I can change the resolution.

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    Re: Can't do anything after launching...

    Hmm. I don't think we've seen this before.

    Can you please post up your system specs, including OS and your desktop resolution?
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      Re: Can't do anything after launching...

      Don't have the time right now to list everything but I think the most important part would be:
      5760x1080 (3x 1920x1080) with NVIDIA Surround.

      Ok, so the thing is that the game automatically selects the correct resolution. Which itself is good. But it seems the developer didn't think about the possibility that this could cause problems.
      That backfires now as this game fails at widescreen so absolutely hard that not even the menu is useable. Sure, many games don't properly support such wide resolutions but at least I could use the menu of all games I ever tried even if it's stretched across 3 screens or whatever.
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        Re: Can't do anything after launching...

        Hi emanresu! Unfortunately Death Rally doesn't support multiple screen settings, as the gameplay's high angle camera is quite tight and there's really nothing to render around the visible track graphics. Nevertheless you're absolutely correct that at least the menus should work with any number of displays.

        To access the game settings with your set-up go to Steam -> Library -> Right click Death Rally -> Properties -> Set launch options. Write -window to the blank form, click OK and the game should open in a window.