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  • PC Classic Death Rally classic (1996)


    I tuned in because i wanted to get my hands on the original Death rally and play it on LAN. Is there any chance in hell to get it going on LAN?

    I have read some on dosbox things working but those are old threads

    Remedy just polish the free versjon with LAN and/or internet play and add it to Steam. Good to go.

    Classics never die.

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    Re: Death Rally classic (1996)

    The "newer" Windows version of the game (that you can get for free) does not support multiplayer and there are no plans in making it support it either.

    DOSbox is the primary way to get the old, original, Death Rally (which is NOT free) to run on modern-day computers. DOSbox needs to be set-up to simulate a LAN in order to play DR that way. There are guides out there on how to do it.

    I'd also love them to add LAN and/or internet play to the free version of the game, but I don't see it happen anytime soon as I'm sure they are more important matters to attend to.

    P.S. Not defending Remedy or anything, but the DOS-version works perfectly fine once it's been set up for MP-play so there is no need for them to add MP to the Win-version. It would make it more convenient for users, yes, but since DOS-DR is not free, I don't think it's in their best interest to do something like that.

    EDIT: Realize this thread was so very old. Apologizing for bumping.