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[DOS] The Doomfrost Mod

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  • PC Classic [DOS] The Doomfrost Mod

    For those who are still looking for the Doomfrost mod, I have it uploaded on my Dropbox now. (It STILL exists on other sites as well, even though they are not the easiest to find at times).

    I want to note that (after testing it out), this mod was made for the DOS-version of the game, where it works perfectly.
    I did try it out on the re-release for Windows and while the parts of the mod work (the opponents having different vechicles and the game being very hard) one of the biggest reason why you would want it - the grey car - doesn't work properly. I even had my game crash soon thereafter, but perhaps it works for some?

    Doomfrost mod savefile

    Put the file in the root directory of where the game is installed (if you are unsure, just put it wherever you have your dr.exe file).
    You should find it when loading a game with the name "New Universe". If you overwrite this save without making a back-up, you need to download it again, so don't overwrite that slot


    Meanwhile, I've been trying my own attempts at modding the savefiles. It really interests me that so much information is stored in the saved game that you play, rather than just in the game itself. (Opponent colors, for example). Right now, I'm trying to figure out everything there is to the color palette for cars. Perhaps I'll figure something new out! ^^
    And even if I DO break the game completely, I still have my original game-disk (in the box!) so I'll never have to worry about that

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    Re: [DOS] The Doomfrost Mod

    Originally posted by JimJakes88
    I have it uploaded on my Dropbox ............
    All right... I don't see a link to your Db anywhere so there would be no way for me to find it. That's why I posted it here so that people that does go look for it here can get ahold of it easily.