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  • Exit Game issue

    Hi all, I play the game,a minute or a hour no matter, but when I exit, a Black Screen appears and I have to reset my PC. ctrl+alt, alt+f4 or anything else doesen't work. I've looked for components' upgrades but are all ok, I've checked directx and video card drivers and are ok. I really have no more ideas, pls help. Thx

    PS: if could help, here my PC configuration:
    motherboard ASROCK M3A770DE
    cpu: AMD Phenom x4 840 3.2 GHz
    video: AMD Radeon 5670 1Gb
    ram: 8 Gb

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    really ZERO answers or hits?


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      I've seen this kind of issue happen only once and it was over 12 years ago. I had gotten the newest GPU on the market and was sad to find this exact problem on any and all OpenGL games I played after upgrading my hardware.

      after doing a lot of research it turned out the cause was a buggy set of drivers between my motherboard manufacturer and nvidia. I don't think my motherboard maker ever fixed the issue (by that point the board was obsolete) but nvidia eventually did put a workaround in a later driver that fixed the issue.

      My point is this kind of sounds like a driver bug and like with all driver bugs they eventually get solved by someone. If you don't already have the newest drivers installed for your hardware you might want to look into updating them manually, otherwise you may have to wait for one of your components to release a driver that fixes the issue. I also recommend running a hardware test on your ram to make sure they're in perfect working order


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        I've ran into the same problem. My computer doesn't jam up but the screen remains black. Hard drives work and all. I've tried loads of things but so far the only thing that has worked is to unplug the cable from my graphics card and then reconnecting it. Sure, this solves the problem, but it's quite a hassle just to get back to windows after playing some.


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          If unplugging and replugging in the monitor fixes the issue then your issue is unlikely the driver and the most likely cause is HDCP verification between the monitor and your computer/graphic card. The resolution change between the game and your desktop resolution may be more than your hardware can handle. I recommend trying to see if u still have the issue using a different cable or monitor!


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            I do have the same resolution in game and on desktop, but I will give the new cable a go.

            Darn... I'm having a hard time sending this reply, since I have to answer a random question that I don't know the answer to. "In which city does Max Payne 1 and 2 take place?" ... I understand that you want to verify that I'm a human being but having to google for answer to write here is quite frustrating. So far tried 3 cities, not good. Neither Los Angeles, Sao Paulo, New York or New York City is good, though Wikipedia says the story starts there. Had to restart writing after refreshing the page...


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              I tried all sorts of cables but none of them worked differently. I ran into more sites where people are discussing the same problem. Seems like it's not a driver fault, since all the people so far have had different hardware and versions of the drivers. This is one solution that has helped everyone I know so far. To my common sense, this seems to be pointing towards a problem with the game, not our computers. Do correct me if I'm wrong. Meanwhile, this helps:

              Before you exit the game, go to settings, then windowed and click once until on shows up.
              And voila, now you can exit the game without the black screen.