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Sound Pitch/Sampling speed bug?

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  • Sound Pitch/Sampling speed bug?

    I still play Death Rally DOS version using DosBox today, or should I say.. until today... (thank you for the port!)

    I'm not sure if this is intended or not, but it would be just pleasant to know...

    The sound sampling speed seems slower on the new port than the original dos version. The tire squeal, difficulty narration voice, upgrade purchase sounds all are noticably lower. When I heard the "I live to ride!" voice, I was kinda shocked to hear a creepy(think Burger King)-low voice come forth.
    Of course you could say that the old voice for this might be a little high, unless you live here in South.

    Perhaps it something as simple as files got converted to the port at the wrong sample rate?

    Truth, is I'm just wondering if I'm hearing a bug or an intended artifact of the new implementation. (I just know you coders had to rewrite the sound engine.) I love the new Stereo seperation of the music btw! Good ol' S3M/MOD/Tracker (I still break out the Crusader music from time to time on my iPod)

    Not complaining, I'd gladly send you $20 just for the effort. I've played probably more XCOM, MOO, Death Rally, Blake Stone, Duke Nukem 3d, and all those oldies more than anything since... (CS:S, Crysis... etc)

    Sorry for the little rant, this is all very exciting to me. I wish more of the old devs from the 90's could get their hands on their IP's source and port it.

    Excellent work, Remedy!

    UPDATE: I Read the dev. article on Game Dev. Apparently the algorithm for decrypting the original sound data required some approximation of the pitch. Totally understandable now... The article itself is a good read and I applaud Remedy for its decision to release the source for some awesome porting action.
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