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Death Rally PC 2012 Support and Known Issues

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  • Death Rally PC 2012 Support and Known Issues

    Death Rally PC 2012 Support FAQ and Known Issues FAQ

    Remedy would love their games to work for everyone, and have done their best to test the game well, but the amount of PC configurations makes this a difficult goal to accomplish.

    If you are experiencing any problems, please refer to the Death Rally Help & Issues sub-forum and search for users who have experienced similar problems. We have an active community that likes to help find solutions to problems.


    The standard troubleshooting steps for Steam games are as follows:

    Verify your Steam cache
    - Open up your Steam library
    - Right-click on the game title and choose Properties
    - Go to the Local Files tab and choose "Verify integrity of game cache"

    Update DirectX
    Ensure your copy of DirectX is updated to the latest version:
    Download Link

    Update your graphics card drivers
    AMD Driver download
    NVIDIA Driver Download
    Be sure to uninstall the old graphics card drivers before installing new versions. Utilising a 3rd party program, such as Driver Sweeper, completely cleans the remnants of old drivers from your system (use these programs at your own risk).

    Try starting the game in windowed mode
    Add a command line parameter -window to Steam Launch Options for Death Rally. This can help you get the game running on e.g. Eyefinity or if you have other problems.


    If you have an issue that is not detailed below, feel free to post about the issue in the Death Rally Help & Issues sub-forum. To help us identify the cause of the issue, please post up your system specs (CPU, RAM, Video Card, Operating System) and be as descriptive as possible about the issue.

    Matchmaking not working
    Some users are experiencing difficulty with multiplayer races not commencing.

    Status: The issues are being investigated...

    Game crashes during a race
    During a race, the game crashes after destroying a competitor.

    Status: The issue is currently being investigated. To assist us in identifying the problem, the game will ask if you would like to save a crash log. This crash log will be stored in your Death Rally directory as DeathRally.exe.dmp
    For example: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\deathrally
    You can include this crash dump in your post (attach it as a .zip file).

    EyeFinity support
    Some users have experienced issues with large resolutions. Remedy is currently investigating the issue.

    Possible solution: In the Nvidia Control Panel, set Multi-display/mixed-GPU acceleration to single display performance mode, navigate to the settings screen and change the resolution to a lower size.
    (Thanks, KRiSX)
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