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Max Payne's 15th Anniversary Celebrations

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  • Max Payne's 15th Anniversary Celebrations

    On 23rd June 2001, Max Payne was released. Now, fifteen years later, the Remedy community celebrated the anniversary with a series of online events. It's was a pretty big occasion with fans worldwide contributing to #MaxPayne15 hashtag on Twitter and several sites posting online retrospectives, opinions and videos in tribute to the eponymous protagonist. In case you missed any of the celebrations, I wanted to gather them in one place.

    If you celebrated the day, definitely make sure to post here! I'd love to add more creative community projects to the list.

    Starting with the Community....

    O ComunidadRemedy - For the occasion, ComunidadRemedy wrote an article which talked about why Max Payne is still important and loved in the industry today. Fran also talked about community celebrations taking place over the weekend.

    O PayneReactor & MaxPayneFanpage - A few weeks ago, MaxPayneFanpage started a group conversation on Twitter about ways to celebrate the anniversary, suggesting the wonderful idea of using the #MaxPayne15 hashtag as a way of letting the community share their favourite memories. PayneReactor soon jumped onboard, messaging both Rockstar and Remedy about the possibility of donating items for a competition. He received responses from both. The Remedy competition closed a couple of days ago, but the Rockstar competition is coming up on PR.

    O [Retrospective] Maniac: Back in 2012, forum moderator Maniac recorded an in depth retrospective podcast exploring the development of Max Payne as well as his own personal history with the title. It's a wonderful, fun, conversation-like podcast, perfect for any fan of the series. Click HERE to listen.[Recently Added!]

    O The Sudden Stop - For the event, I wrote a couple of articles. The first one was about the history of Max Payne and how it has changed the industry and shaped Remedy. The second was about how the developers paid homage to Max Payne in Alan Wake. I also had a themed Community Spotlight which looked at Sarakpn's amazing Max Payne artwork.

    O Max Payne Retribution - One of the most shocking reveals was by the team behind Max Payne Retribution. Retribution is an upcoming fanfilm by a small group of talented fans based in Kent, UK. You may have seen promotional photos circulating Twitter for the past few months promoting the game. To celebrate the 15th anniversary, the team released an incredible trailer for their fanfilm. If you haven't already, make sure to check it out.

    Next Up The Press....

    O Polygon - For the anniversary, Polygon created a special documentary spanning over ten minutes, which looked at the Max Payne series in depth. The retrospective, entitled 15 Years of Pain focused on all of Max's adventures and looked at how they expanded on the classic. You can watch the video, here.

    O Digital Spy - Digital Spy also jumped in on the celebrations, publishing an article which tested fans' knowledge with fifteen facts about the Max Payne series which you might not have known about.

    ...And, Of Course, Remedy.

    To celebrate the occasion, Remedy wrote a post promoting the competition by PayneReactor and MaxPayneFanpage which they had contributed to earlier that month. In addition to the post, their Twitter page became Max themed with community memories and press articles being posted throughout the day on their social media channels. To wrap everything up, Sam also posted a MP status on Twitter for the anniversary, I think it's really nice. You can check it out here.
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    I couldn't join in the festivities directly but I did produce a podcast about my history with the franchise I could share for the anniversary.


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      Hey! That's awesome, Maniac. I didn't know you did that. I'll definitely check it out now.
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