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Running multiple mods at once

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  • Running multiple mods at once

    Does anyone know if it is possible to run two different mods at the same time on Max Payne 2? As far as i know, its only possible to run one at a time from the "choose customized game" drop-down on the launcher.

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    Generally no, as there's the possibility that each mod's game files would conflict with each other (e.g. if both mods added a new weapon called "RocketLauncher"). The only way to get this working would be to unpack both mods using rasmaker, then carefully copy the files from one mod to the other, and resolve any conflicts by hand (e.g. rename our rocket launcher to "RocketLauncher2"), then repack as a standalone mod. You'd need to be comfortable with Max Payne modding, and the more complicated the mods are, the more work it would be to get working.

    Another way which *might* work would be to unpack one mod, and copy the data folder over to your Max Payne 2 folder, and then start the game and choose the other mod. Again if there are conflicts with the game files (very likely), you'd have to fix those by hand.