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Bug in Max Payne Part 1, Chapter 6

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  • Bug in Max Payne Part 1, Chapter 6


    Recently, I've gotten into Max Payne (the first game) and I'm facing an issue. Whenever I follow Vinnie Gognitti to the cut scene where Max is supposed to be shooting him, he stops and runs in place. Then, sometimes after a while, he moves again and he is finally able to go to the next part. BUT, the real trouble is when Vinnie tries to jump on the train, he ends up missing it and just stands on the ground. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do here or how to progress. If it helps, I am running on Windows 10 and I have reloaded the game to the part before the cut scene and I've tried multiple times. If there is a way to skip that whole part in the game so that I could progress, that would be good (but it'd be the last resort). Please help!

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    Nevermind, I was able to figure it out. For some reason, when I set my graphics to high, the cut scene worked find and I was able to catch the train.