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Developer Interviews / New Feature on the Remedy Site [Updated 20/7/2017]

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  • Developer Interviews / New Feature on the Remedy Site [Updated 20/7/2017]

    Recently there's been a lot of interest within the community regarding Remedy's latest projects. So far we know that the developers have split themselves into two teams, one working on the story mode for Smilegate’s Crossfire 2, the second working on a project that is codenamed P7 (or “Project Seven”). There are some articles about both projects around online, such as the Crossfire partnership announcement/confirmation and Polygon’s article on the currently unannounced project. There are also articles about Remedy’s interest to try different forms of gameplay such as co-operative multiplayer, like the piece on the official website.

    Recently Thomas Puha (Head of Communications at Remedy) who you see around these boards as ThomasRMD, recently started a feature on the official RMD website in which he talks to fellow developers about things like studio culture, creating a certain aspect in a previous game, the company moving ahead and future projects.

    The List So Far:
    (Will be updated as more interviews are posted online)

    Talking game design in Remedy’'s next projects
    Mikael Kasurinen, Game Director

    In his interview, Mikael talks about his role at the studio, building a game with a small team, and the potential of co-operative gameplay.

    Blowing shit up
    with Elmeri Raitanen , Lead Visual Effects Artist
    In Elmeri’'s interview, he reflects back on Quantum Break and explains how the stutter’s got their distinctive style and how to break into the industry.

    Creating a character’s look
    Heli Salomaa, Costume Designer
    Perhaps my personal favourite interview so far in this series, Thomas talks to Heli about creating a character's wardrobe and its process to get it into the game.

    Coding while doing stand-up
    Ethan Watson, Senior Engine Programmer

    In his interview, Ethan talks about moving and working abroad, as well as his evolving role, and his passion for stand up comedy.

    NEW! Production design in video games
    Stuart MacDonald, Lead Production Designer

    In Stuart's interview, he talks about the studio growth since he joined, his views on working in Finland, and his role as the Lead Production Designer on P7.

    On a semi-related note, if you want to learn more about what it can be like working at the studio, HR Specialist, Camilla Taipalvesi wrote an article on LinkedIn delving into her role at the office. It's a cool read!
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    Double post, look at me being a rebel.

    A new interview was posted up this past week, as well as two articles on the recruitment process. (I'll probably create a new thread a little later with a block of recruitment information and links to archive them and give them their own section.) In the meantime...

    First up, the next instalment in the developer interview series on the Remedy site. For the fourth interview, Thomas spoke to Ethan Watson who is the Senior Engine Programmer at the studio. Originally from Australia, Ethan talks about moving and working abroad, as well as his evolving role, and his passion for stand up comedy. It's an interesting read and definitely one to check out if you're thinking about moving for work in the future. You can read the full interview on Remedy's website.

    The second part of this post is about recruitment articles. If you follow Remedy on social media, you may have noticed a lot of discussion about new job openings. At present, Remedy has about ten jobs open, many in senior positions. If you're interested in applying, you might want to check out the following two articles:

    - Develop Online recently spoke to Mikaela Öberg-Mattila (HR Director at Remedy) about the studio culture, CV tips and recruiting internationally.

    - In her second LinkedIn article, Camilla wrote about the interview process and stages for both the company and applicant. She also delves into the process for international candidates for those applying for a job but currently live outside of Finland.

    (Apologies for any weird sentences or typos, I'm currently fighting off a pretty overwhelming cold. It may be winning slightly.)
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