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Huge News Day! Financial Year 2016, New Board Members & Northlight Targets PS4

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  • Huge News Day! Financial Year 2016, New Board Members & Northlight Targets PS4

    Today was a huge news day for Remedy! This morning, the company posted a press release on their website, detailing the past financial year, addition of two new board members and developing its Northlight engine to include the Playstation 4.

    Check out the full press release below! (You can also read it on the Remedy website in English or in Finnish.)

    Game company Remedy Entertainment Ltd. announced financial results for its fiscal year 2016 with a revenue of €16.4 million, a year-on-year revenue growth of 19.4% and an operating profit of €3.9 million. Remedy’s outstanding performance during the fiscal year was fueled by the release of Quantum Break in spring 2016 and the revenues generated by Remedy’s existing game portfolio.

    Remedy bases its long-term growth on the ability to create games and game brands that offer unique experiences with stunning visuals. Created exclusively for Microsoft, Quantum Break was the biggest entertainment production to come out of Finland at the time of its release.

    Currently Remedy is developing a sequel to one of the most popular games in the world in cooperation with the Korean publisher Smilegate, whose long-time success CrossFire gathers 650 million registered users and over one billion dollar yearly revenues.

    Remedy is also working on a game project codenamed P7. The company’s strategy is to release the game on a wider range of platforms, which is why Remedy is developing its Northlight technology also for PlayStation 4 consoles.

    The company general meeting on 04.04.2017 appointed new members to Remedy board of directors, including Jussi Laakkonen (CEO of Unity Technologies Finland Oy) and Henri Österlund (the founder of investment company Accendo Capital). Continuing on the board are Christian Fredrikson (CEO of Fingerprint Cards), Ossi Pohjola (board professional) and Markus Mäki (co-founder of Remedy).

    Remedy CEO Tero Virtala comments: “Over 20 years on the top of the global gaming industry is a great milestone achieved only by few other independent game companies. Our new board members bring solid experience from both gaming and financial industries and help us in executing Remedy’s growth strategy and to succeed also in the future.”
    Personally I really like that the company is looking at releasing games on Playstation 4 as well. The last Remedy title for the Playstation was back in 2003 with Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne, so it's definitely been a while! I have an XBOX One so the addition isn't going to effect me personally but it's definitely going to widen the audience so we should see some new faces on these forums and cool fan projects. So I'm definitely in favour of that!
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    I always like to hear, when a company tries to release their game to a bigger audience. More people get to play the games, and that is something we all kinda profit from.
    That exclusivity bs some old companies are doing is not helping anyone, its just helping in dividing the gamers.
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      Yeah, I agree with you LSKzane!

      I understand why games are released for one platform or one console, especially if there's a publishing deal or the publishers own the IP. There's always going to be business issues which factor into decisions like that, especially for independent studios where getting a good and stable publisher deal is key. I think a lot of developers would prefer to publish on as many platforms as they can (or rather that the game is suited for, can you imagine Max Payne with Wii controls?!) but self-publishing is a huge investment and requires particular set of skills. Plus publishers themselves have different loyalties and a certain title/genre/idea in mind about what would suit their game catalogue... Which is a tiny headache and pretty blergh for gamers and especially the developers trying to get to the next project. For instance, something like Life is Strange! LiS is probably my favourite game from 2015 and DONTNOD had such a hard time finding a publisher. And it did come out on a number of platforms but only because Square Enix doesn't have its own console but they do own all of the money. All of it. Even Monopoly money.

      Whenever I think about console exclusivity, the first title that comes to mind is Rise of the Tomb Raider. (And it fits as a good example to your second comment about dividing gamers, LSKzane). ROTR was a sequel to Tomb Raider (2013) which was multi-platformed, and when it was announced, the community was really excited! Then suddenly it was revealed as an XBOX exclusive at Gamescom and there was a lot of confusion and concerns. (Especially because the announcement was vague and there was... some sort of clarification embargo?) It wasn't until quite a while after that either party clarified that it was actually a "time exclusive" and a lot later that a PS4 version was announced. That seriously impacted the community in a way that... I honestly didn't anticipate. There was a lot of misdirected anger and the community became unwelcoming for a long time. It's settled down quite a bit since then, but there's an element which has left its mark. ROTR was by no means the first console exclusive but it's one that stuck in my head because of its impact.

      This was a rather rambley post, but in short I agree with you LSKzane and also I like the Remedy are expanding their audience.
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        Yeah mate, both MS and Sony are doing this sh*t to sell their consoles, but at the end, they are still dividing gamers. I just can't respect that. But while MS is at least trying to bring the gaming community together (Cross-Play !), other big players just ignore that, and keep on doing this exclusive bs. Like I really want to play Death Stranding, but I can't, because it will be Sony exclusive.

        Hideo Kojima's games are a good example too, let me tell you that. In the last years, more and more of Kojimas' games (Metal Gear Solid,...) were released on more platforms. While his games were traditionally released on the Playstation, Konami did a lot in recent years to (re-)release his games on the xbox and the pc too. That's good! That's the right direction!
        Talking about 'going backwards' tho, now he signed a deal with Sony. Thanks kojima, gg wp.

        That timed exclusive bs is also very weird, and it is hurting the game, although RotTR was damn good. Your example was a good one.
        Well, good guys RMD...

        PS: Max Payne on ps2 was a pain in the a**. Those controls were horrible.
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          That's good. It means more players will buy whatever Remedy is cooking, and i'm totally okay with that. I just hope that this place doesn't become a console wars zone, OR that Remedy really make multiplataform games, and not "PS4 Exclusive". I already bought one console because of them, I will not buy another one again.
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            Awesome news! As a PS4 owner this makes me really excited.