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A possible Remedy trademark?

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  • A possible Remedy trademark?

    So in anticipation of E3 2018 and Remedy's rumored P7 reveal, I snooped around some trademark searching services.

    In last November, Remedy trademarked something called "CONTROL". Link here.

    It's still pending, apparently. The trademark seems to apply to video games and merch related to them. The innovative name doesn't really lend any idea to what it could be.

    It doesn't also necessarily mean anything - Remedy registered the name "A.W.E. - The Bureau of Altered World Events" in 2015, which wasn't used anywhere, and about 2 months before that they registered "Legends of Shadow America". So who knows what the trademark actually means.

    Also let's not forget that the "Alan Wake Returns" trademark still applies to video games, so Remedy could reuse that name for an upcoming project. Winky winky, I guess.
    The "Alan Wake development history" fanatic strikes again!

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    Technically “Return” was used in Quantum Break. My guess is the trademark filing was done to prevent anyone trying to snatch it up after the game was released.


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      What I said was supposed to be a joke about how the trademark applies to video games in addition to televised media. I doubt Remedy would use the same name for their new Alan Wake title if it was coming.
      The "Alan Wake development history" fanatic strikes again!