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    Remedy’s artists are working on motion capturing their doggie for P7.

    Who’s a good dog?

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    I knew it! P7 is a game about puppies. Yay!!!
    I don't wanna be buried in a pet cemetary


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      Originally posted by Pickman View Post
      P7 is a game about puppies.
      Ooooooh, this reminds me of the Reddit AMA that Sam did years ago in which someone asked him about the storyline for Quantum Break and if he couldn't answer at that point, what did he have for breakfast. Sam responded with "Oatmeal" and the reactions afterwards was just "Quantum Break is about oatmeal!!!"

      I think about that reaction quite a bit. I am very amused by it. ^_^ It was just a nice moment.

      (Also it's nice to see you on these boards again, Pickman! I have genuinely missed seeing your name. )
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