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    New game on the horizon

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    Neat, the mysterious Project 8 was last mentioned in the spring financial report as being in conceptual stages.
    The "Alan Wake development history" fanatic strikes again!


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      It must be Alan Wake 2. I don't think it is a continuation of CONTROL or something similar to it; it would be super smart to announce Alan Wake 2 right after or even a little before release of CONTROL and to market it as a part of Alan Wake world!

      Must mention that Control is starting to look a lot more like a "true" (subjective opinion!) Remedy game and I love it! It has that feeling of mystical which only Remedy can do, plus it goes well together with Alan Wake world

      P.S. Not really a fan of akward-transforming weapon; it feels like that it needs more depth to it (aside from transforming) if it is intended as a super-natural object. Thought I see how the concept goes together with the changing Oldest House. I would have chose classical weapons and added a ritualistic powers to them and make it more dynamic ( sometimes it wouldn't even work based on mystical conditions at hand )... now that sounds pretty cool! Also, non familiar objects may feel psyhologicly disconnected when and if the mind expects to have a classical wheapon at its disposal hmm.
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        Afraid not. The third team (entitled Vanguard) will be working on "Ongoing-live multiplayer games". No Alan Wake or Quantum Break sequel.


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          Now that Vanguard has been announced, some of the phrasing in the recent financial report makes more sense. They mentioned that CROSSFIRE 2 would allow Remedy to test the waters of online multiplayer, and they broke down the various project types in the industry specifically mentioning the benefits of multiplayer and MMO IPs. It will be interesting to see what they come up with!

          I don't know if this is the third project as in the report they mentioned that it was still in the concept stage and they are currently looking for potential publishers for it, whereas it sounds as though Vanguard is more of a structural thing, but it could be part of the same package.
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            Originally posted by Napper View Post
            Afraid not. The third team (entitled Vanguard) will be working on "Ongoing-live multiplayer games". No Alan Wake or Quantum Break sequel.


            Market is already so saturated with multiplayers that it's not even funny anymore. Alan Wake, see you sometime in 2022? Maybe?
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              AWAN Arcade mode, but with online-coop. Please.
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