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    Originally posted by Stammy View Post
    Pc-growd is tough to please. I understand the criticism but passing on the whole game for platform issues even though the game is available to you is harsh. I mean, some people have bought Xbox One just to play this game.

    ​But ofc, it's everyone's own decision and voting with your wallet is kind of the only way to make a real difference. I'm just saying that letting Remedy be hurt in the process is not the best thing to do. They are an independent developer doing bold new things and their funding goes basicly game by game. After one financial disaster it could be over and no more Remedy games for any of us. If I'd be you, I would vote with my wallet when it comes to the next generic old ip. I would support Remedy despite publisher's poor choice of platform.
    Passing on a game because of issues is harsh? Those issues shouldn't be there in the first place. Quick example, Say someone has a GPU that quite isnt up to par and doesnt run stable at 30fps, but in Crossfire or SLI they could lock in better performance with better settings. Now they will be forced to only use 1 GPU and the extra $$$ they spent in order to have better performance is gone. To not support that feature on PC in this day and age is ridiculous. Harsh is having a PC worth way more then an xbox one and get no performance gains with the hardware thats inside. Now thats harsh.

    Vote with your wallet? Im not going to buy an xbox one. Thats just not going to happen, period. I wont buy from MSFT store either if these features are disabled up front right at the door. Even if Remedy has support in the game already for SLI, MSFT does not. Thats plain bad.

    If MSFT wants to keep QB as Win 10 Store only just to be competitive while having these issues remain. They wont be competing at all because no one will purchase a thing on there. There are so many articles out there that i have just looked up about how bad MSFT Store is with a lot of issues people are having.

    SInce QB on PC has blown up MSFT store is tacking a lot of heat. There are a lot of articles on this but here is one:

    Hopefully more will be announced soon and MSFT will clear these issues up. I know one of DirectX12 main points was that it features multi GPU to combine them for way better performance. Now with QB being DX12 only, i am assuming these issues with SLI and Crossfire may be fixed? We will have to wait and find out.

    Originally posted by Stammy View Post

    My point still stands that if you think you'll enjoy Quantum Break and it's worth 50 bucks or so, just buy the game. There will be new (and better) titles and new opportunities to fight against MS's policies in the future. But ofc, everyone have the right to do as they please.
    I know I would enjoy QB and I would gladly pay $60 or $70 to play it. That's not an issue. I just wouldn't spend that money thru MSFT store with the current issues. On Steam however, Day 1 buy!
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      Yes, passing on Quantum Break, if it has issues, is harsh in my opinion. If it has game breaking issues though, then of course not.

      That said, I'm sure that at least some of these issues will be cleared out and solved.
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        Originally posted by One Eyed Jack View Post
        Yes! Kept my distance from the game because of its exclusivity. Now I'm on the hype train. Can't wait!
        ^This is exactly how I was/am now. Super excited and surprised by this news. Would I prefer it to be on Steam? Sure, but I'm just glad I'll get to play it and so soon too. April is right around the corner...