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How should PC [only] gamers buy Quantum Break?

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  • How should PC [only] gamers buy Quantum Break?

    So I'm a PC gamer with extreme interest in this game. I do not own an Xbox One, nor do I have any intention of purchasing one. I have been tempted to pre-order this game by purchasing the digital version on the Xbox Store, thinking that if I ever did purchase the console, I'd have the Remedy goodies there. I'm sure this is exactly what Microsoft wants, and intends on selling consoles to people like me. The grey area, is how would I get my W10 code via the Xbox messaging system when I don't have a console - would it come via the Xbox app in W10?

    Alternatively, I could just wait until it is available on the Windows Store, and purchase it there. However, it will most certainly be the same price as the Xbox pre-order, and might not (probably won't) come bundled with anything. The consumer in me wants the most "bang for my buck," even if I'll never use the other stuff. I have the AW games on Steam as well, so I really shouldn't care, but still...

    Like most other PC gamers, the majority of my library is on Steam, with a handful of titles on Uplay and Origin. I think it will be a long time before we see QB on Steam, if ever. And if QB is gimped like RotTR allegedly is on W10 (I have that game on Steam), that's another area of concern; although I'm not so hardcore to do any SLI.

    The best solution, is to just wait it out and see where this thing goes on W10, and potentially get it much cheaper. But I'm not sure I want to hold out...I'm eager to try a DX12 game.


    [Edit] After reading the Ars Technica article on this subject, the main problem with the Windows Store (UWP) apps seems to be vsync, not SLI/Crossfire...the latter are possible with UWP apps.
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    At least I can tell you that you don't need a concole to receive messages. You can read them with Xbox app (available on W10 and phones) or with a web browser.
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