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Someone please help me out (Quantum Break/Alan Wake questions)

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  • Someone please help me out (Quantum Break/Alan Wake questions)

    So I've been waiting for Alan Wake 2 forever, and I understand we are not getting that. I've been following Quantum Break for 2 years or so. I love Remedy.

    I'm sad to see that it is a XB1 exlusive as I have a PS4. I recently upgraded from 360. This is my massive question.

    I already have Alan Wake for 360, but it is physical. I have the collector's edition with the book etc... I also bought American Nightmare on my 360 account.

    By buying any of the bundles am I gaining anything? Obviously I'd be getting QB, but am I getting anything besides the free Alan Wake games? I already have the best versions right?

    The bundle is a great and awesome deal, but since I already have both games ... I'd just be getting QB right? Also, since AN was only digital would I have to rebuy it if I get a 360? I would want to make a new account and not use the one that had AN bought on it.

    NOTE: I have an older account on here that I can't remember the password to, I've asked for a password reset like 8 times over the last few days. nothing was sent to my email.

    My email is

    could you guys please reset it for me? (hence my current account name)

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    If you buy a copy of Quantum Break, you also get Alan Wake and both Special Features. I think this is included in every copy of Quantum Break. IF you pre-order Quantum Break, you also get Alan Wake's American Nightmare. So as of my understanding, you won't be getting anything new here, besides from Quantum Break.

    And if you make a new xbox-live-account, you naturally won't have access to the games of your old account. But why make a new xbox-account, you still can use your old one?!
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      Ok cool. Thanks. That is what I thought. Since I already have the collector's edition of AW, I might hold off buying a bundle console. It be cool getting all that together like that and exciting, but since I already have AW collector's and an actual sealed copy I bought just to have... lol I'll just hold off on a bundle type deal I think.

      I wonder if I could get AN transferred over from another xbox gamertag to a new one if I get a XB1? Who knows.


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        WHy can't I get my account reset? The forums system doesn't work.


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          What do you mean by "bundle"? Console bundle or game bundle? Nevertheless, you don't need to buy the console bundle to get Alan Wake and AWAN. Just buy the game (for Alan Wake and dlc) or preorder (for AWAN). The console bundle includes white console and the games for lower price, that's all.

          ​But since you asked, buying/preordering Quantum Break benefits you in that:
          *You get digital copy of Alan Wake making playing it much more convenient comparing to physical LE
          *You get digital copy of AWAN so you can download it to your new account if you wish

          You don't necessarily need the extra copy of AWAN to transfer it to new concole. Licence transfer might be possible (just google 360 licence transfer). But new copy obviously makes it a lot easier and won't cost you a thing if you preorder.

          And if you are a pc guy, preordering QB digitally will give you Windows 10 version for free (check details from other threads).
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