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How does the show and game work ? they are as one ?

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  • How does the show and game work ? they are as one ?

    I tried to grasp if there was a tv show coming outside the game it self. but as i understand the tv show and game is as one.
    I am reading about "season 1 " comes with the game, and of course i would start to wonder if there is a season 2 tv show alone or how the two parts work.
    Anyone can can simplify this for me ?

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    As you play the game, you will get so see an episode of the tv show after every level i guess. The episode will be different, based on your desicions you made in the game before.
    So yeah, the game and tv episodes are conencted to each other. I don't know anything about a season 1 nor 2 tbh...
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      The game is structured in 5 acts. After the end of each act there will be an episode. So that's 4 episodes at 20 or so minutes each playing at predictable moments in the game's story. Currently that's how it's structured.

      I've heard that once an episode is unlocked you will be able to go back and rewatch it. Personally I'd like to see pause, rewind and fast forward as well