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Quantum Break on PC requires a constant internet connection?

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  • Quantum Break on PC requires a constant internet connection?

    I recently read that Quantum Break will require a constant internet connection. Because of the live action episodes that play through out the game.
    As the episodes are streamed, and not downloaded because they were shot in 4K.

    Can someone from Remedy confirm/clarify this?
    If this is true, is there any reason why PC players couldn't opt for 1080p version instead and have them downloaded with the game?

    Streaming 4K episodes of the show during the game seems like an... odd choice.
    And not a friendly one for those with poorer connections, data caps and other limitations.

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    Option for 1080p and pre-download (like on Xbox One) would indeed sound reasonable thing to do.

    Also, I'm not sure how the pre-download will work on Xbox One. It would be great if the videos were downloadable before the launch (but only viewable in-game). I'm getting the physical version so initial installation time will be long if that also includes downloading the videos (which I would prefer to guarantee the quality).

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      I'm getting PC myself.
      But, if the live action episodes are streamable only, and at 4K... it will impact my decision a bit. As streaming multiple 4K episodes will definitely slap my internet connection and data usage right in the face.

      There's no logical reason for these to be forced at 4K, specially for PC players that don't use 4K in anything.


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        My guess is they were shot in 4K. Likely they have been compressed in some way depending on your version (PC or Xbox), your delivery type (streamed or downloaded) and your screen

        A streaming service is not going to force a 4K output unless it has to. Heck, the Xbox One can't even output in 4K yet. It uses a lot of bandwidth that could be devoted to other users.
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          It's been said that the Xbox One will use 1080p version of the live action episodes. But, will also give users the option to download the videos.

          This is what I want on the PC side. The ability to select the video resolution, and to download them if we want.