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Who was chasing me during Act 5?

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    Martin Hatch does appear to be the shifter in the building. It is indicated by the note in Paul's office, Jack's declaration to Clarice that he had seen the man before - we don't know that he's ever seen Dr. Kim - and some of the echoes which show Hatch requesting that stutter-proofing be removed. There are also indications in the episodes, though the subtlety of that indication depends on whether you choose Control or Surrender. In the Control episode, Hatch's ability to take down the guards surrounding him in the elevator indicate that there is more to him than meets the eye. There is an email later that indicates that Hatch is not known to have any combat training, and that it was unlikely that he took down the guards unarmed. In the Surrender episode, the indication is much stronger. We actually see Hatch evaporate from Charlie's activation of the CFR defenses and then appear again before he is shot by Emily Burke.

    In addition, it appears that Hatch's motivation is two-fold: 1) Ensure the end of time to find rest for himself and the other shifters. ("I'm going to free you old friend.") 2) Help others gain the insight of being everywhere and everything at once. The note in Paul's office describes his final understanding of being a shifter as being a revelation.
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      thanks all. it was hatch. case closed!


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        I can now confirm with 100% certainty that the Shifter that attacked Jack is Martin Hatch. Proof is here. Screenshots taken from secret ending video of the game after the credits finish rolling up. This also 100% proves that Martin Hatch is a shifter. And also proves that with minimum Chronon particles as input ( Hatch got them from his eye drops) , shifters can exist in normal environment. So the idea that Shifters can only exist in shutters or zero time state is wrong.

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