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Remedy has 2 games in works

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  • Remedy has 2 games in works

    Remedy has told about their future plans and they have 2 games in works at the same time:

    State of the Studio

    After two months of the release of our latest game Quantum Break, it’s a good time to give you an update on what’s next for us here at Remedy.

    First things first: we’ll continue supporting Quantum Break, which became the “biggest-selling new Microsoft Studios published IP this generation”. It’s something we’re extremely proud of, so thank you to all of our fans for making the game a success and our long-time partner Microsoft for helping us create something unique.

    Keep playing, giving feedback and spreading the word! We’re working on another update for the game, so stay tuned for details over at our community forums.

    As for the future, we have some very exciting news to share. Moving forward, we want to create more games and hopefully get them out more often. In order to achieve this, Remedy has expanded into two game development teams.

    For a while now already, we’ve been developing a brand new Remedy game with a new partner. Our second team is working on an early concept, which will turn into another Remedy game sometime in the future.

    We can’t wait to show and tell your more about these new projects, but if there’s anything we’ve learned from the past, it’s that we should have the patience to announce games when they’re ready enough. So don’t expect us take the stage at E3 or gamescom this year.

    Remedy has developed games for over 20 years. We’re very thrilled about the AAA games we have in the works and where we are as a studio right now. With several positions open, it’s the perfect time to join us!

    Finally, we feel that it’s important to set the expectations right and let you, the fans, know that neither of the two projects currently in development is an Alan Wake game. We’re working on something else, but at the same time we’re exploring opportunities in other mediums to tell more Alan Wake stories.

    We have plenty of exciting endeavors to come, and we hope you stay along for the ride.

    Thomas Puha
    Head of Communications

    They mentioned a new partner. I hope it allows them to release their next game also on PS4. Can't wait to see what it will be. They are not working on a Alan Wake game.

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    It's awesome they were willing to give an update like this so early in development. Especially telling fans not to hope for Alan Wake for e3.

    I couldn't imagine what the two games could be though. I'd love if there was a quantum break expansion ala American nightmare but I doubt.


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      This is very exciting. I wonder who the new partner could be and by partner do they mean it's another developer or a publisher? Seeing that Remedy has also moved away from mobile is also a relief. Now I'm also sad that Alan Wake 2 isn't one of the games being developed, but hey TWO new projects sounds great. It seems that Remedy wants to develop games more quickly, which is a welcome change. Who knows, we might see something entirely different from gameplay perspective.

      In any case, good luck with your endeavors Remedy! You've been the crown jewel of Finnish game industry and I hope that you continue in the path that best suits you.
      KATAKOMB - Upcoming horror game by me


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        I was hoping for QB2(and AW2) but apparently even Remedy has abandoned the failed xbox boat and MS is now focused only on pc and it is no longer willing to spend for exclusive for xbox one
        Congratulations to Remedy I hope that the new publisher for the new AAA game is Rockstar.


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          Wow, they are already jumping on to two new project? I am still here wishing I could play the game that they already released. I'm really glad I got a full refund from Microsoft a couple weeks back after Update 2 still ran poorly. And it seems that none of the changes made in Update 3 had anything to do with the real issues with the game. They can say they are going to continue supporting QB all they want but I just don't believe them, nor believe they have the capability to actively work on two new projects at the same time as support a previous release.

          Sorry Remedy, I was a big fan back to Max Payne and absolutely LOVED Alan Wake. I won't be excited about either of these two new projects until I see that they can actually run on PC.


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            I would like them to make dark fantasy genre like Dark Souls but with Remedy's blueprint. What do you think ?


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              Originally posted by soulcycle View Post
              I would like them to make dark fantasy genre like Dark Souls but with Remedy's blueprint. What do you think ?
              In other words, the way I see it, weather they go Twin-Peak-The-XFiles-Alan-Wake-ish way or Remedy can easily be sold and merged with EA. Simple as that.




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                Oh, the reason I've suggested it is that Remedy created phychological thrillers and sci-fi genre. So, it would be interesting to see a fantasy genre.
                And you can approach fantasy from different perspectives.