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QB Steam Page now Live!!!

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  • QB Steam Page now Live!!!

    YES!!!! QB Steam page now Live!!!! Thank You MSFT and Remedy!!! Day 1 buy for me!
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    Thank u for posting the direct link.


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      I AM VERY OKAY WITH THIS NEWS I've got the game for XBOX One, but I like the idea of getting new community members joining and having new fan art being posted. The forums have been a little quiet of late, hopefully this will bring new and old usernames to the boards.

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        Woooohooooooo!!! Remedy, I always been skeptical about Quantum Brake, but if it is on Steam then I'm in!!! THANK YOU! Best day ever


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          Well I bought the Windows Store version and this kinda sucks. I've played the Windows Store version too much to get a refund, but I'd like to get the Steam version instead. Well looks like I'm gonna be stuck with the inferior version.
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