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Steam Release = Day 1 Buy, Thankyou!

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  • Steam Release = Day 1 Buy, Thankyou!

    I just want to say thankyou for the upcoming steam release of Quantum Break! I know there's lots of people and politics and what not involved in how QB was even able to be released on PC in the first place, but I'm just glad that I'll finally be able to purchase the only RMD game I don't own yet! I waited till the last day before upgrading to Windows 10, and gleefully thought about getting Quantum Break then, but wasn't sure about UWP. So I installed the free Forza Horizon: Apex just to see how it'd go, and well.... I was not happy with a lot of things. So anyway that turned me off completely from spending any money on the Windows Store. I'm just glad that soon I can support you guys again because I have absolutely loved Alan Wake and Max Payne and everything else you guys work so hard on producing!

    Anyway I know it's not a lot, and probably weird to even post here about it. But thankyou so much for making QB available to more gamers! The more people that get the opportunity to play RMD games the better!

    Wishing you guys all the best
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    Thanks yogibbear for the kinds words! Naturally it's a pleasure to get the game out there on as many platforms as possible. At least this time it didn't take us almost two years to release on PC, maybe we've broken the wibbly wobbly Remedy time-space-release-continuum for good


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      This is one I definitely want to get day one on STEAM.
      But, I won't be able to afford to. So, it will have to wait. I saved back and bought the game at release through the Win10 store, and despite it's issues... I loved the story and game under it all.

      But, I will gladly rebuy it just to have it on STEAM. A platform I prefer, with features I prefer... and in DX11. A much more stable API.
      So, once I can afford to... I will be grabbing this game through STEAM to complete my "Remedy" category in my STEAM library.