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Where to Buy PC CE?

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  • Where to Buy PC CE?

    I saw that Amazon is selling the PC Collector's edition at retail but I would rather buy it at a retail store like GameStop or Best Buy.

    I went to GameStop yesterday and the clerk told me they aren't taking preorders yet, but didn't discount the idea that they would.

    So my question is where do Nordic published games typically get sold? Target? Best Buy? Wal-Mart?

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    I can't name any specific shops because we don't have the same stores here, but I believe Nordic Games also published the PC versions of Death Rally (2011), Alan Wake and Alan Wake's American Nightmare. So if the stores sold any of those, it's a possibility that they will also sell the new Quantum Break collector's edition.

    EDIT: Actually I think this is something that might be announced closer to the launch date because it does vary so much from country to country. I think your experience with Gamestop might hint that it's still under discussion.
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      Nordic Games will release information where the Timeless Collectors Edition will be sold in the upcoming weeks alongside more details.