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Quantum Break "Fracture Day" Community Celebrations

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  • Quantum Break "Fracture Day" Community Celebrations

    I've been meaning to write this thread for a little while now, but for the past few weeks I just seem to have obtained all of the plagues. I'm feeling semi-slightly-human today though, so let's do this!

    The Sunday before last marked what many in the community dubbed as "Fracture Day". In Quantum Break, Jack returns to Riverport to help his friend, Paul Serene, with a a time travel experiment. During the experiments something went wrong, leading to Project Promenade's core to overload, emitting a pulse of energy which fractured the Meyer-Joyce field. The experiment takes place just after 4am on 9th October 2016. So on that Sunday, to commemorate the occasion, several fans from across the globe did something Quantum Break-y and special that day.

    If you celebrated the occasion too, make sure to include a link to your project in the description. I would love to include it!

    Starting with the Community...

    O Charlie’'s Quantum Break Projects. If you've been checking out the Quantum Break tag on Tumblr, then you might already be pretty familiar with Charlie's fan art and projects. (He's also one of the admins, mod sigma, on the Monarch-Solutions Tumblr page.) For the occasion, he went back to one of his older QB pieces, and made the already great piece a lot better by redesigning and tweaking the sketching and colouring digitally. In addition to artwork, he also recorded a Quantum Break (and Zero State!) review which has on his YouTube channel. I really liked his video, he has a contagious enthusiasm for the title which is always wonderful to see. There are some spoilers but if you’'re reading this I’m guessing you’'ve already played or seen most of it.

    O RMilo's Artwork. Another familiar face in the Quantum Break tag on Tumblr is rmilo, who not only sketched Jack and Nick (with Nick being very Nick) for the day, but also made her very own CFR. Take that William Joyce! Both the sketch and model looks incredible with a clear sense of passion behind the creations. Make sure to check out her work!

    O The Sudden Stop's Charity Auction. In Quantum Break, October 9th was a packed day which started with the fracture of the Meyer-Joyce field and ended in a gala (as days often do). Playing with the gala idea, I organised a charity event on Ebay. This has been something which I’'ve been wanting to do for years; the charity in question is Cancer Research UK and it’s something which I chose for personal reasons. There are three bundles up for charity with the third one coming later this year. So far the event has raised £138.60 from just the Alan Wake PC game bundle alone! Our second bundle, an XBOX One Quantum Break bundle which has been signed (and donated!) by Remedy, is currently being auctioned, and we’'ve just now entered the final 24 hours. If you’'re interested please take a look and share the link!

    Click image for larger version  Name:	FractureDaySpotlight.jpg Views:	1 Size:	228.2 KB ID:	319735

    (Left to Right: Charlie's artwork, rmilo with her CFR, signed XBOX One from the charity auction.)

    …Now up, Remedy…

    O In addition to the community celebrations, Remedy also arranged a few giveaways for the occasion. The developers teamed up with Razer and ASTRO Gaming for a series of competitions. Unfortunately entry for both have expired, so if you didn’'t get a chance to join in, there’'s always new opportunities coming up every so often.

    …And a Bonus Piece!

    O Sooooo, this was technically a few days later, but I wanted to include it in this post because the screenshots look SO GOOD. Recently screenshot photographer extraordinaire (definitely a real tile), Dead End Thrills, uploaded a series of amazing Quantum Break shots. Each piece captures the look and feel of the game perfectly. If you haven'’t already, definitely check them out, HERE.
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    Fantastic post, sir. Now to start combing through all those links...