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  • Quantum Break Soundtrack on Vinyl / Update Page

    Today I realised that one thing that I don't believe we've discussed on these boards that much is the upcoming Quantum Break 180-gram vinyl by iam8bit. It's a limited edition piece with only 3000 copies made, currently available for pre-order for $28, exclusively through the iam8bit store. Look at that majestic thing! Click image for larger version  Name:	Vinyl.jpg Views:	1 Size:	257.1 KB ID:	319795

    The vinyl contains thirteen tracks from Quantum Break, composed by the very talented Petri Alanko. There are five tracks on side A ("Meeting an Old Friend", "Campus", "Suite for Time and Machines", "Don't Stand in my Way", "Remote Warning", "Disappearance") and six on side B ("Dodging Bullets", "Beth", "I Kept Waiting", "Goodbye...Again", "Damaged, Together", "Doubt, Despair, Hope", "A Whisper”). It will also come with a digital soundtrack, the code of which will be included with the order. The cover art is by Christina Mrozik and looks absolutely incredible

    As well as creating a discussion about it, one reason why I wanted to post about it on these forums was to create an update page for the item. When the item was announced back in early April, the release date was given as August 2016. The goal remained for August until June when the release was moved back to September. And then in mid-July, it was moved back again to October (later clarified to “Late October” in the October update) where it currently remains. Updates for the store’s full collection were sent every fortnight but I get the impression that it’s a fairly small company so if someone is ill/on holiday/left the company/on fire somethings are put on hold. I think I received one update in the past couple of months.

    It’'ll be done when it’s done, and I’m not in a huge rush, just interested. But I noticed that a few people on social media had been wondering about the same thing. I sent a tweet about the item last week but unfortunately had no response. I'’ll update the first post with any changes regarding the estimated shipping date.

    Previous Announcements:
    Estimated Ship Date: October [November 1st 2016]
    Estimated Ship Date: Mid-November [November 12th 2016] / "Currently in transit to our warehouse. Expected Mid November 2016"
    Estimated Ship Date: Now! [1st December 2016]

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    New Shipping Announcement! Iam8bit announced this evening that the Quantum Break vinyl is currently in transit to their warehouse. Shipping is expected to take place mid-November, so hopefully, if you pre-ordered one, you should see very soon.

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      Very nice piece of collectible indeed. But sadly I don't own a vinyl player. Are they more popular in some countries?
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        Originally posted by Stammy View Post
        Are they more popular in some countries?
        I don't know whether I've just become more aware of them or whether it's there's more demand for it now, but it feels like there's been a definite reemergence of them these past few years, at least in the UK. There's actually a few Christmas adverts on TV in the UK which feature vinyl players as one of their spotlighted items. I know a few people have them for the joy of using one and they like listening to a rawer (or more real?) version of the song, but I know other people have them as more of a fashion item. I actually pre-ordered two copies of the Quantum Break vinyl, one for myself and one as a gift, and... I believe we both have vinyl players in storage(?), but for us it's more about the look of the item than the use of it. Although I would like to hear it being played at least once.
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          Good news! iam8bit recently posted on Twitter that the vinyls have cleared Customs and are now on their way! The vinyls are limited edition, with only 3000 copies being sold; the UK/Europe store have completely sold out but their US store currently have a few extra copies.

          So hopefully we will start seeing them very soon. Click image for larger version  Name:	Iam8bitupdate.png Views:	1 Size:	65.6 KB ID:	319951
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            I just wanted to let people know that I received my copy yesterday. I listened to it this morning and Petri Alanko's score sounds fantastic. The splatter effect on the vinyl looks very cool and Christina Mrozik's artwork on the front and back cover is awesome and very detailed. My only complaint (and it is a very minor one at that) is that on my copy at least, there are small light burn marks around the die-cut holes (where the yellow sleeve shows through). They are hardly noticeable but I thought I might as well note it. This may have happened because the material used for the outer sleeve is very soft, almost matte-like. But overall I am very happy to have this amazing soundtrack in my record collection. Very cool to hold a record in your hands and look down and see the Remedy logo in the corner.


            • harrisonosirrah
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              Editing a comment
              -edit- One additional thing. The IAm8Bit release page states it comes with a digital soundtrack code. I did not receive any such code with my order. I emailed them about it so that might be corrected in the future. Again, not a huge deal, but worth noting.

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            Welcome to the forums, @harrisonosirrah! I'm glad that your vinyl arrived safely!

            I've been away for a little while so I just got my Quantum Break vinyl today. I see what you mean about the slight burn marks; I noticed it on my friend's copy very lightly but it shows up on my own a little clearer; especially at the corners. I don't think I would have noticed it if it wasn't for your post, so gah, thanks for ruining the magic. It sounds like something which each copy has to some extent due to their machine/process. Admittedly I think I'm okay with it being a slight quirk of the item as a whole rather than it being the odd one out. Hopefully it doesn't show up too much on your copy.

            As for your digital code I just checked mine and you're right! I couldn't find mine either. You can listen to the soundtrack on Spotify (HERE) while you're waiting, although I know that it isn't quite the same. I just messaged iam8bit on Twitter about it and I get the feeling it's part of a wider issue as it's already received some likes/support within a few minutes. Definitely weird but hopefully one of us should hear about it soon.
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              Thank you for the welcome.

              Ya, the burn marks on the holes don't really bother me at all. It sort of blends in with the yellow sleeve so I don't mind. And as for the digital soundtrack. I was sent a code through email shortly after I contacted IAm8Bit. So I have a digital copy now too. And it does seem like a larger issue. Although I really enjoy when they come with a unique business card with the code, I am happy with my purchase and can't complain.


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                Nice! I'm glad to hear that!

                I looked again on the slipcase and vinyl but there doesn't seem to be anything there, so I messaged the company too. Hopefully I will hear back from them as well. (Thanks for the tip, harrisonosirrah! )
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