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Video scene still not integrated with the pc version

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  • Video scene still not integrated with the pc version

    Hello everyone, here I love the games Remedy and I therefore procured Quantum break on PC (Steam). Only, I know that the One / Windows store version allows to download the "episodes" of each act for about 72 GB.

    Many announce on the forums that they have problems precisely because of the streaming episodes.

    I think Microsoft must press for this patch on the Steam version does not see the day quickly, only many want to buy only on Steam, and wait for these episodes to be available in dl.

    So Remedy, if you want to increase your sales, make the episodes available on Steam, the work is already done for the One and the Windows store. Your sales will increase and your reputation also on this point, you despise your fans on PC (Steam).

    Thanks Remedy to take note of all the grievances of players who will no longer buy your products if you continue to boycott some (the vast majority on PC).

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    The Windows and steam versions of the game do not currently allow for video download, only the console version


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      So it is the entire PC community that is sidelined by Remedy, while it represents a majority of players for Remedy games. The technical problems are not an argument, because if on console, a patch of 75 GB is possible, on PC nothing stops it.

      In short, Remedy must quickly correct that is make available these episodes, otherwise the sales will collapse even more with time, and the hip that took place with Alan Wake will no longer.


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        Remedy did make it clear that all PC versions of the game would require players to video stream the live action episodes before the game was released. If you continue to have technical issues while viewing them, you may be having issues with your internet connection and I would recommend calling your ISP.


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          Much is worried about streaming videos, and yet they have a very good connection. In my case, I have a screen on which I play the game in 1440p. My weak connection of 3 mb does not allow me to see videos in HD without problem, and to contact my ISP will not change anything, problem that encounters many people. Providing PC gamers the episodes will avoid this problem, taking a week to download the 75 GB episodes but at least accessible in high quality.

          If on Xbox One it was done for this purpose, why not do it on PC?


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            It is Microsoft's decision, not Remedy's.