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How do we "see" when time is freezed

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  • How do we "see" when time is freezed

    During the freeze of time, the light should also be stopped. Even the light can be somehow moving under freeze of time, since the nuclear fusion reaction inside sun will stop during "freeze of time", there will be no sun light arrived to eatth after 8 seconds (time needed for light from sun to earth). This is a great game and i hope it can be explained

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    I'm assuming the position of light (light referring to the light beam) is also paused (frozen) in a zero state event.

    Update: Sorry for not posting this update with the initial post it's too early. Maybe it's just my binge watching of science channel and National Geographic but I believe I've seen video evidence of scientists being able to trap light in a time experiment. Granted it was only trapped for like a tiny fraction of a second but the theory is sound.
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      You're correct in that no photons would be moving during frozen time, and technically, you shouldn't be able to see anything or hear anything. That's where being chronon active comes in. We don't get into these details in the game, but the idea is that Jack doesn't really see things the way we do -- rather, it's his powers that enable him to sense his surroundings instead of his ordinary senses. The Monarch technology simulates these same effects. (Or, to put it another way, this is something we thought about and had an explanation for, but making a big deal out of it wouldn't actually make the overall experience better or smoother, so we kind of fudged the details.)

      There was actually a line from Will that might not have made it into the final game, I can't remember off the top of my head, where he kind of comments on this -- something along the lines of "there should be no light, no sound." I can't recall if we had to cut that for pacing reasons or something, though.

      Anyway, the point is, there is an actual logic to this. =)
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        some say inside a black hole time is stopped , probably that's why it's black you can't see anything