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Quantum Break Story Goof?

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  • [SPOILERS] Quantum Break Story Goof?

    Hello everyone,
    I just finished the game and loved it. Always a big fan of Remedy games.

    I think I fully understood the story and the time travel stuff. There is just one point that I believe is probably a goof.
    Let's call Jack2 the character we play with at Act 5 and Jack1 the other that has lives the university story for the first time.

    At the end of Act 5 -Return to the university there is a time stop (stutter) in which Jack2 sees frozen Beth Wilder and some soldiers loading the Jack1 in a truck.
    If the stutter really happened at that time, the first time, when Jack1 is experiencing it then he should not be frozen as stutters do not affect him since the Fracture incident.

    He should be moving in time and getting free.

    They made a huge mistake in a perfect time travel story just so they could put that little romance between Jack1 and Beth Wilder.

    Tell me your opinion. Thank you!

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    Hey Vaglegend! Welcome to the forums.

    As for your question, that's a good point but, if I remember correctly, at that point Jack (1) is unconscious when he gets put into the van. Jack (1) loses consciousness at the end of the first act after Liam Burke hits him with his gun. He then drags the character into the van. So even though Jack already has the time powers at point and the ability to move through the stutter, he's just too out of it to use his advantage.
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