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Where can I find the music? It's not on the soundtrack.

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  • Where can I find the music? It's not on the soundtrack.

    As Charlie Wincott enters the lifeboat in Episode 4. There is such a great tune, that totally stunned me. So I was checking the soundtrack, but I couldn't find that song on it.
    Well, so I signed up here to ask you. I hope you can help me to find it.

    Heres a link to the scene:

    Thanks guys.

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    Hey Cryomancer! Welcome to the forums!

    I know what you mean about that moment, the music was a wonderful blend of peacefulness and intensity.

    For Quantum Break there were two composers: Petri Alanko who worked with Remedy and created the music for the game side, and John Kaefer who worked with Lifeboat Productions and created the music for the live action side. Alanko's work is available through Spotify, Steam, and as a vinyl, but Kaefer (who primarily uses Soundcloud to share his work) only has a few pieces posted publicly.

    Unfortunately I couldn't find the track that you're looking for, but if I see anything about additional releases, I'll let you know.

    For the time being, there are three tracks from Quantum Break that he's posted on his Soundcloud account that I think you may like!
    - In The Machine (Which has a lot of mirrors to the piece you're looking for, but builds up tension and introduces sharper sounds as it progresses.)
    - Static Rising (Which also has some mirrors. This one has a pulsating theme which escalates dramatically near the end.)
    - Breaking Point (This one is pretty interesting as it's a little closer to the atmosphere the game soundtrack had!)
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    You are awesome!

    Thank you for your reply and the links to the three tracks. I wish they would have included Kaefer's soundtrack in the Collector's Edition too.
    It's a little bother, that there isn't more to find from his work. But thanks to you for your response. Maybe Mr Kaefer decides to share the rest of his work from Quantum Break.


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        just hear Bridges of Hope and A Whisper there awesome