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I just beat Quantum Break

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  • I just beat Quantum Break

    Hey guys at RMD

    I just beat your latest game, I can see you guys worked and delivered a very high quality game with a very interesting theme that is time travel.

    But in my humble opinion, the game suffered from the same issues Alan Wake had. Very few variety of scenarios, enemies and gameplay. My point is, you travel in time to the exact same spot many times, you have to kill the same enemies over and over, and eventually some of then can't even be affected by your powers. At the end you upgrade them all and still they aren't affected by them.

    The time travel logic was excellent, time can't be changed, past events stay the same no matter how hard you try, still Jack Joyce doesn't get it, not even after the end of the game. And don't get me started with the Web Series, I almost felt asleep wtaching them, sorry but they weren't that good.

    Please, make Alan Wake 2 and make it more open for exploration and narrative. In QB you had to read emails, like 100 emails guys, all of the were so long and not interesting.

    Guys I love RMD and your games but seriously, I am open to debate, this game was too short, too repetitive and had no replay value, even with the choices you can make.

    My score: B-

    I guess a sequel can be make, hope you guys continue making games.
    Alan Wake will be missed, Welcome Quantum Break
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