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Cfr High detail reference images!!?

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  • Cfr High detail reference images!!?

    Hi, RMD guys and gals! I'm interested in making a decorative prop Cronon Field Regulator. Working lighs and all. But with only one diagram, a few in game captures and the marketing pics. I don't have all the details. So. I was wondering if anyone at RMD or elsewhere had some clear reference images of it? It would help immensely! Thanks.

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    I don't work for Remedy, but I might be able to help find some more photos and promotional material that hopefully will help you.

    This is a really cool project that you're planning! Please keep us in the loop with your progress, it would awesome to follow it! I know a couple of people who have made beautiful handmade CFRs out of cardboard and foam such as Rmilo and Charlie, but you're the first person I've heard of making a "working" device. I really hope it goes well.

    As for references, I've have a few screenshots with the CFR, some are a little blurry but I thought they might help with the overall appearance and look of the device rather than a specific side.

    [Warning: If you're visiting this page before playing the game, there are some spoilers in the linked photos.]

    I made a Flickr collection of screenshots for you with some close-ups:
    One cinematic which you might want to keep going back to throughout your project is at the beginning of the Control/Surrender junction point. It takes place...


    ...That scene is where a lot of the screenshots I've taken are from and it has some detailed shots of the sides.

    I'll keep a look out for any other material which you might find helpful!
    Good luck!
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      Thanks alot mate!