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Happy 1 Year Anniversary!

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  • Happy 1 Year Anniversary!

    Today is the first anniversary of the release of Quantum Break on Xbox One and Windows 10.

    What are your personal stories playing the game? What were your favorite moments? Did the game inspire you?

    Post a comment below!

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    After finishing the game multiple times on my xbox, I recently got the PC-Version. It's bad, but it's still Quantum Break. So even a year after, I'm still enjoying the game!
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      I haven't played this game yet, but when I was looking, it seems to be good. Now I am thinking to play it and happy anniversary to Quantum Break game, I think now it is time to get this game...


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        This thread is such a nice idea to celebrate the anniversary. ^_^

        I have a lot of moments that I enjoyed from the game but there's one standout scene which I especially loved. It was also something that was shown on stage at... I think it was Gamescom 2015? It's the moment when Jack walks into Will's workshop near the drydocks and he sees the full construction of the time machine from chalkboard drawings, through the huge construction, and then the "first experiment". That bit just looked gorgeous and kind of mind blowing, and it's something which didn't didn't lose anything after... many, many rewatchings, and then in the actual game.
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